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The arena we give effort that we can accomplish, love and enjoy

ICT-EURO is a fast growing Software Development Firm where the solution is build-up from the very root level to high-end enlarged organization. This is principally an IT solution provider for local clients and overseas, managed by a group of skilled professional. It has commitment for Automated Business in a spread spectrum to serve the customer requirements in each single step.

We march on from the early stages of a project with our valued clients. Initiate with brainstorming ideas to shape a vision, also help our clients with mockups, demos and presentation to articulate their hidden dream. Each and every constituent of the system is produced here and collaborates with external design teams to bring incongruent essentials together to narrate a single legend.

ICT-EURO have promise to help clients optimize resource utilization, minimize hazard and enhance long term profitability.

Software Development

Simply development of software is to turn a full-stop in the age of manual work. It is a compound of Arts, Commerce and Science. ICT-EURO finds the ideal equilibrium among those three, allowing developers to ingeniously discover the way inherent in the bounds of real world specifications.  We are determined to fulfill our customers’ needs with innovative and optimal solutions.

We have the capabilities to keep pace with the utmost vision with newest technologies, understand corporate strategies, objectives in this ever-changing new world. We focus on the entire progression, business goals, and the long-term strategy. If you desire an efficient and effective e-commerce and e-business systems, we are here to give you concrete support in analyzing, designing, building and deploying your strategic software applications.



Web Development

php-web-developmentA significant arena of our business is web-site and portal development and especially on web-based application. A one stop service is here for you for any web solution from Web page design and development, Logo designing, Theme forming, Banner scheming, Image processing with lucrative animation.

A group of skilled IT Professionals are devoted here to develop quality web sites along with database related web solution such as e-commerce, dynamic Business to Business and Business to Clients service etc. World Wide Web Consortium standard is followed for developing any web application, portal and sites and always ensures Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



Mobile Apps

zii-egg-androidICT-EURO develops Smart Phone based application in the Google-Android and Apple-iOS platforms. Enterprise SMS solution is a supplementary add-on to this service arena. We have potential to make your customized software to be available in your smart phone such as business on the go.

Last of all we can boldly say that our clients get a team of their own – it is as simple as that. There is no red tape – the team adapts to the working process of the client as one of their own. This is the vital point that makes us successful.

Testing and Quality Assurance Service

Quality assurance (QA) and Testing are extremely crucial in the software development life cycle that should be introduced at the earliest stage of the project to make the service reliable and secured.

For our valued clients, we provide Testing and Quality Assurance service for the software development projects for both client-server and web-based solution. A standard process is followed here for testing phase. Our Software Testing Group offers reliable, well-documented system testing services for OS independent and Internet/Intranet-based applications.

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